Name Advanced Download Manager
Package Name com.dv.adm
Category Utilities
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Version 14.0.25
Size 57 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 12
Publisher admtorrent

Download advanced download manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK

Are you tired of slow and unreliable download speeds on your Android device? Do you want a powerful and feature-packed download manager that can handle all your downloading needs? Look no further than advanced download manager pro unlocked Mod APK. With this modded version of the popular Advanced Download Manager app, you can enjoy all the premium features without any limitations. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Advanced Download Manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK and how it can revolutionize your downloading experience.

Advanced Download Manager mod apk

Advanced Download Manager mod apk

What is Advanced Download Manager?

Advanced Download Manager is a powerful download manager for Android devices that offers a wide range of features to enhance your downloading experience. With its intuitive interface and robust capabilities, it has become one of the most popular download managers in the Google Play Store. The app allows you to download files of any type and size with ease, while offering advanced features such as multi-threading, parallel downloading, and scheduling.

The Advanced Download Manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK takes the functionality of the original app to the next level. It unlocks all the premium features, allowing you to enjoy an ad-free experience, unlimited download speeds, and the ability to download files from various sources, including torrents and magnet links.

Key Features of Advanced Download Manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK

1. Unlimited Download Speeds: With the Pro Unlocked Mod APK, you can enjoy lightning-fast download speeds without any restrictions. Say goodbye to slow downloads and hello to accelerated downloading.

2. Ad-Free Experience: No more annoying ads interrupting your downloading sessions. The Pro Unlocked Mod APK removes all the advertisements, providing you with a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

3. Multiple File Downloads: The app allows you to download multiple files simultaneously, saving you time and effort. You can queue up your downloads and let Advanced Download Manager handle the rest.

4. Smart File Management: Advanced Download Manager organizes your downloaded files into different categories, making it easy to locate and manage your files. You can sort your downloads by date, size, or type, and even create custom folders for better organization.

5. Download Scheduling: Want to download files at a specific time? The Pro Unlocked Mod APK enables you to schedule your downloads, so you can set them to start and stop automatically at your preferred time.

6. Built-in Browser: The app comes with a built-in browser that allows you to search and download files directly from the web. You can browse your favorite websites and initiate downloads without leaving the app.

7. Support for Torrents and Magnet Links: Unlike the original app, the Pro Unlocked Mod APK allows you to download files from torrents and magnet links. You can easily add torrent files or magnet links and let the app handle the rest.

App Details

If you’re interested in downloading the Advanced Download Manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK, here are some essential details you should know:

Package Name: com.dv.adm

Category: Utilities

Latest Version: 14.0.25

File Size: 57 MB

Pricing: The Pro Unlocked Mod APK is available for free, so you can enjoy all the premium features without paying a dime.

System Requirements: The app requires Android 12 or higher to run smoothly on your device.

Publisher’s Name: admtorrent


The Advanced Download Manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK is a game-changer for anyone who wants a superior downloading experience on their Android device. With its unlimited download speeds, ad-free interface, and support for torrents and magnet links, it offers everything you need to take your downloading to the next level. Whether you’re downloading large files, managing your downloads, or scheduling your downloads, this modded version of Advanced Download Manager has got you covered. So why wait? Download Advanced Download Manager Pro Unlocked Mod APK today and unlock the full potential of your Android device.

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