Name Avast Cleanup
Package Name
Category Utilities
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Version 23.24.0
Size 42 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Avast Software

Download avast cleanup Pro Unlocked Mod APK

Avast Cleanup mod apk

Avast Cleanup mod apk

Avast Cleanup is a powerful utility app designed to optimize the performance of your Android device. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it helps you clean up junk files, boost RAM, and improve the overall speed and efficiency of your smartphone or tablet.

Essential App Details

Package Name:

Category: Utilities

Latest Version: 23.24.0

File Size: 42 MB

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases

System Requirements: Android 8.0 and up

Publisher: Avast Software

Avast Cleanup offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your device’s performance. One of the standout features is its ability to clean up junk files and unnecessary data that accumulate over time. These files, such as temporary files, cache, and residual files, can take up valuable storage space and slow down your device. Avast Cleanup scans your device thoroughly and removes these files, freeing up space and improving performance.

The app also includes a RAM Booster feature that helps optimize memory usage. By clearing unnecessary background processes and freeing up RAM, Avast Cleanup ensures that your device runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially useful if you often multitask or use memory-intensive apps and games.

Another notable feature of Avast Cleanup is its ability to identify and uninstall unwanted or unused apps. These apps not only take up storage space but can also consume system resources in the background. With Avast Cleanup, you can easily identify these apps and remove them, improving both performance and storage capacity.

Avast Cleanup also offers a powerful app hibernation feature. This feature allows you to put rarely used apps into hibernation mode, preventing them from running in the background and consuming resources. By hibernating these apps, you can further optimize your device’s performance and extend battery life.

In addition to these optimization features, Avast Cleanup also includes a comprehensive device analyzer that provides insights into your device’s performance. It can identify issues such as high power usage, low storage, and high memory usage, allowing you to take appropriate actions to improve performance and efficiency.

Now, let’s dive into the avast cleanup pro unlocked mod apk version. This modified version of the app offers additional benefits and features compared to the standard version. The mod apk provides the “Pro” version of Avast Cleanup, which is usually available as a paid upgrade within the app. With the mod apk, you can enjoy all the premium features of Avast Cleanup without any limitations or the need for in-app purchases.

Some of the key benefits of the Avast Cleanup Pro Unlocked mod apk include:

  • Unlocked Pro Features: Access to all premium features of Avast Cleanup, including advanced cleaning tools, app hibernation, and automatic cleaning schedules.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an ad-free user experience while using Avast Cleanup, allowing you to focus on optimizing your device without any distractions.
  • Unlimited Money: The mod apk version provides unlimited money, allowing you to make in-app purchases and unlock additional features or enhancements.

It’s important to note that the Avast Cleanup Pro Unlocked mod apk is not an official version provided by the publisher. It is a modified version created by third-party developers to offer additional benefits to users. As with any mod apk, it’s essential to download and install it from a trusted source to ensure the integrity and security of your device.

In conclusion, Avast Cleanup is a powerful utility app that helps optimize the performance of your Android device. With its advanced features, such as junk file cleaning, RAM boosting, and app hibernation, it can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of your device. The Avast Cleanup Pro Unlocked mod apk offers an enhanced experience, providing access to all premium features and an ad-free environment. If you’re looking to take your device optimization to the next level, the Avast Cleanup Pro Unlocked mod apk is worth considering.

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